Google Beats FireEye to the CDN Punch


Good to know we’re not crazy after all. What a difference a year makes. On Nov 10, 2014, we published an outrageous idea on “What Happens if FireEye buys Fastly to Counter Palo Alto Networks”. A day after, we published another piece on “Why FireEye Aquiring a CDN Makes Sense”. FireEye failed to act, and Google jumped on the opportunity by investing in two rainmakers. Google is going to become the #1 security company in the world in due time. That’s actually a good thing, because the security industry isn’t winning today. What it needs is a large global giant that has deep visibility into individual end-user activity.

The dynamic trio of Google + CrowdStrike + CloudFlare is going to remake the industry. Some of today’s business models will go bankrupt in the next 24 months. CDN and Security are no longer a separate affair. The barriers to entry that prevented security companies from entering the CDN space and visa versa have been shattered. The next three years are going to be an interesting food fight between ecosystems, and those with the most imaginative business models will win. Dislaimer: We are not financial analyst by any stretch of the imagination, so please don’t use this rant for investment purposes. 

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