Cogent vs Level 3

It appears that Cogent has finally shed its “Skeletons from the Closet” and has emerged as a new force in the CDN Ecosystem. Cogent is now providing “High Quality Transit” that rivals Level 3. For many years, Cogent was perceived

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Transparent Caching Market Take Two

The Transparent Caching segment continues to evolve, as new players enter the space with competitive business models. The latest one to throw its hands in the ring is Concurrent Computer Corp, which not only provides localized CDN infrastructure solutions for

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Cool Company: Concurrent Computer Corporation

Concurrent Computer Corp (CCUR) is an innovative software company providing Transparent Caching and Localized CDN Services to Network Operators. The company has been around since 1966, but recently branched in the content delivery ecosystem. Initially, CCUR provided its RedHawk Linux

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