Google CyberSec Wall = CloudFlare + Shape Security + CrowdStrike


Google CyberSec WallIf Google really wanted to, they could probably kill two birds with one stone. First, they could radically transform the competitive landscape within the security industry. Next, they could reduce the impact of DDoS Attacks, Bot Attacks and Malware by 50% or more across the world. How? Mix and match. Check this out. Google invested in Shape Security + CrowdStrike + CloudFlare. With the new $100M+ war chest, CloudFlare is doubling their PoP count, but lets say they build 200 PoPs instead. Lets summarize the strategy.

  • CloudFlare builds 200 PoPs and triples their # of customers from 500k to 1.5M and websites delivered from 4M to 12M
  • Google has 70+ SuperPops
  • Engineer Shape Security Botwall software to run on high performance bare-metal servers with SolarFlares 40Gbps/port NIC’s across 270 PoPs on thousands of servers
  • Throw in Crowdstrike cloud platform across the same PoPs

When you add this together, we get the Google CyberSec Wall that spans 270+ PoPs, and incorporates the most advanced threat protection, bot detection/mitigation, and DDoS Mitigation platform ever built – that works in the last mile, which also provides top-notch threat intelligence and correlation capabilities – via the processing of 20M log lines per second on the D-Wave Quantum Computers. Now try saying this a half dozen times. Do we get the picture.

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