Amazon Introduces WAF and Web App Scanner


AWS-WAFFinally, after all this time Amazon has finally thrown its gloves into the security ring, introducing the AWS WAF and Amazon Inspector. The AWS WAF is the best feature Amazon has rolled out in years, with the last one being CloudFront. Amazon Inspector is an Application Security / Web App Scanner that checks for application vulnerabilities deployed on AWS and recommends steps for remediation via a report. Amazon WAF pricing is based on three components:

  • Number of ACLs defined –> $5 per ACL / month
  • Number of rules deployed on ACLs –> $1 per ACL
  • Number of web request received –> $.60/million request

This is definitely very big news to the ecosystem and impacts everyone including the Cloud ADCs. The interesting part is AmazonĀ  introduced their WAF right before the start of the Akamai Edge Conference, which is scheduled for next week on October 19. Also, the timing is a beauty for us folks here at Bizety, because we just finished an extensive analysis on the Edge Security market, so we’ll plug-n-play AWS WAF on the next research report (subscription) and describe the impact on the Edge Security Ecosystem.

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