Cool CDN Features


Over the last year, we’ve been tracking some of the new and exciting customer-facing features that CDNs have been rolling out, as CDNs continue the quest to differentiate themselves from forty other CDNs. Although the list below does not include every new feature introduced over the last twelve months, it does highlight some of the more interesting ones.


Edge Dictionaries: Customers can create key/value pairs that work with Varnish VCL giving them access to Fastly’s server infrastructure at the edge. Dictionaries can be created, deleted, updated and modified via API. Dictionaries can be used to improve content sharing, and give users more granular control over blacklist, multi-layer token authentication and geo-location.

Instart Logic

One Time Cache: Predictively pre-loads dynamic content to cache, improving performance for first-time visitors. In laymen terms, Instart Logic can guess the type of product the first-time visitor will view on an eCommerce site by analyzing the transaction history over a period of time.

User Prioritization: Gives eCommerce companies the ability to differentiate the type of shoopers, as in the high-rollers who spend a ton of mula on products vs the looky loo’s who love to window shop but never buy anything.


ContextIntelligence: Comes with the functionality to defeat ad blocking technologies like Adblock Plus. So is the fuss about ad blocking technology changing the face of the advertising business model for the worse null and void?

AppSequencing (3rd Party Script Mgmt): Feature that enables online companies to minimize the impact of 3rd Party Links on a websites performance, especially mobile. Until recently, managing 3rd party links have been a hassle. Why should your online website suffer because a 3rd party can get their ducks in row.

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