CDN Eco-Graph #2 – Welcome Cato Networks, HolaCDN and Reblaze


Here’s the latest CDN Eco-Graph. The exciting news – we’re welcoming three new players to the CDN Ecosystem: 1) Cato Networks 2) HolaCDN and 3) Reblaze. The best part, each player focuses on a different part of the technology stack. Of the three, Cato Networks is the high profile startup. They’re still in stealth mode and just raised a killer $20M VC round in Series A.

  • Cato Networks is the mysterious one – there isn’t much about them in the press, except for a few blog post that talk about the death of MPLS and Network Security-as-a-Service. My guess is they’ll be something like Aryaka Networks + Edge Security, which would be killer combo.
  • HolaCDN: CDN focused on the video value chain – think of them as a Mini-Akamai. The good news for them – they raised a cool $17M in Series C.
  • Reblaze: An up-and-coming Edge Security CDN offering WAF + DDoS Mitigation + Bot Protection. They’re quiet at the moment, but they’ll be making all kinds of noise in due time.

CDN Eco-Graph


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