New Market Segment: Edge Security CDN


The time has finally arrived where we can officially carve out a new market segment called Edge Security CDN. The Edge Security CDN segment started when Akamai acquired Prolexic back in February 2014, having matured over the last few months, as more startups entered the space. Edge Security CDN also includes non-CDN companies like next-gen firewalls manufacturers, DDoS Mitigation companies, and others. The segment is important because it represents the collapse of the CDN industry into the once separate Security industry. In due time, the security focused CDNs will compete with the Palo Alto Networks and FireEyes of the wold. The reason we have CDN in the title is because CDNs are leading the charge, and have the upper hand at the moment. More to come.

Edge Security Leaders

  • #1 Akamai:  $65M in Q3 2015 and $250M annual run-rate
  • #2 CloudFlare: $100M annual run-rate
  • #3 Zscaler: Millions of subscribers at few bucks/subscriber
  • Up-and-comers: Incapsula, SiteLock, Distil Networks, Fireblade, and Reblaze
  • Established: Neustar, Verisign, Nexusguard, Radware, F5, DosArrest and Arbor Networks
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