Weekly Intelligence Digest – Nov 18, 2015


Top Weekly Updates

1. InstartLogic Offers Application Delivery Platform to Nonprofits—For Free

Taking a creative approach to giving back, InstartLogic offers their application delivery platform to registered 501(c)(3) charitable organizations at no cost. Ultimately, the goal is to improve nonprofit website experience through InstartLogic’s safe and secure AD platform and CDN. InstartLogic believes that over time, a better website experience will encourage people to donate more (and in higher amounts) to charitable organizations.

Since web performance KPI measures (e.g. page load time, start render, time to first byte, etc) play an important role in operational success, charities and nonprofits should have access to the same enterprise level, cutting edge technology that big corporations do. Additionally, charities and nonprofits will have access to InstartLogic’s 24/7 customer service team, as well as e-mail and phone support. InstartLogic’s free offering could very well lead to higher donation rates for charities, resulting in better services for those in need of charitable help—for which we are all grateful.

2. Ericsson Announces New Subscription VOD service

Ericsson’s new video-on-demand service NuVu gives subscribers access to 3,000 local and international TV/film titles for a small monthly fee. The plan is to launch NuVu jointly with telecom provider Airtel Nigeria in early 2016 to more than 30 million Airtel users in Nigeria. Subscribers can download content directly to their devices with no additional data charge during off-peak network hours and access the content offline for up to 30 days after the initial download.

Ericsson is working with several distributors to offer TV/film content for the new service, which is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. The content will span a wide variety of genres, including Hollywood and Nollywood movies, TV programming for adults and kids, music, gospel, and education. NuVu’s core feature of distributing content during off-peak hours will minimize data costs for both the operator and the consumer, directly addressing the key obstacle for VOD uptake in Africa.

3. Telecom Italia Deploys Qwilt’s Open Cache Solution

Qwilt’s open caching solution to boost network capacity and improve quality of over-the-top streaming video is now being implemented by Telecom Italia, a leading provider of wireless and broadband telecom services. Telecom Italia aims to improve quality of experience for its 30 million customers using online video and live streaming services. Recognizing the need to respond to increasing consumption of streaming video, the new architecture optimizes growing traffic rates on its network.

In fact, Qwilt’s open cache solution was designed specifically for high performance and scalable video delivery. The deployment at Telecom Italia was supported by local systems integrator Proxy, which provides the planning, integration and support services necessary to ensure a successful transition to the open cache architecture across the Telecom Italia Network.

4. Fortinet’s FortiClient Demonstrates 99.8% Block Rate in EPP Testing Report

Fortinet’s endpoint protection and prevention solution FortiClient improved upon its previous score from April 2014 in a recent NSS Labs EPP Comparative Report. The global leader in high performance cybersecurity solutions continues to meet today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape with the most advanced security services, as well as a reaffirmed confidence in putting its products to the test by independent third parties. As a result of the NSS Labs November 2015 testing report, FortiClient strengthens its top-rated position as a Threat Prevention and Advanced Threat Protection provider.

5. FireEye Ranked Leader in STAP Market

Advanced cyber threats are the new-norm in today’s rapidly evolving security terrain. FireEye—a long time contender in helping customers build attack-resilient networks— has just been confirmed as the top ranked leader in the Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection market. In 2014, FireEye held 37.9% of the STAP Market. According to industry analyst IDC, the global STAP market grew to $930 million, which is nearly a 126% increase from 2013.

FireEye’s hold over the STAP market is reportedly seven times more than the nearest competitor. This is great news for the innovative and purpose-built, virtual-machine based security platform that FireEye offers seeing as STAP spending is forecasted for over $3 billion in growth by 2019. As organizations show growing interest in fighting the next generation of cyber threats, the tech industry faces a growing need for advanced threat detection. Thankfully for FireEye and its over 4,000 customers spanning across 67 countries, their security services and dynamic threat protection platform is already ahead of the game.

6. Imperva Introduces CounterBreach Protection Against Insider Threats

Currently undergoing validation testing, CounterBreach is Imperva’s new multi-layered security solution to protecting enterprise data from theft and loss as a result of compromised, malicious and careless users. CounterBreach uses machine learning technology to analyze data access and use, then proactively alerts IT teams about dangerous activity by learning normal data access patterns which lead to finding anomalies. While it may sound confusing in the abstract, difficult to imagine sense of the word, we at Bizety are here to break it down for you.

CloudBreach offers three solutions, which can be summarized as: visibility, monitoring protection, and deception techniques. Thanks to CloudBreach, users will have increased visibility, which means the essential Who, What and When of sensitive information access. Secondly, Cloudbreach steps-up data monitoring and protection with advanced machine learning technology that spotlights dangerous data access activity. Lastly, CloudBreach identifies compromised end-points by using non-invasive deception techniques. Imperva offers to provide up-to-date findings on CounterBreach testing and promises the solution to be available by Q1 of 2016.

7. Incapsula Joins Forces with Applied Innovations and Equinix

Imperva’s cloud-based application delivery service Incapsula is now available to Applied Innovations customers. Designed with safe, fast and reliable website access in mind, Incapsula offers both large and small organizations with enterprise level web application security, DDoS mitigation, performance optimization, and load balancing. Incapsula’s platform also provides content delivery and caching through their extensive, worldwide network. The new service is immediately available for deployment to Applied Innovations Customers.

Earlier this month, Imperva sealed another newfound partnership with Equinix, an industry leader in data centers and colocation services. Imperva Incapsula users will now have access to Equinix Cloud Exchange as a direct connection option. This means that applications and networks have the option of being hosted directly at Equinix data centers, or in any of the clouds connected to ECX (i.e. AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and others).

The new option promises low latency, high guarantee of service, and secure connections for Incapsula customers using the IP solution or the upcoming Protected IP solution. Existing Incapsula customers can continue using their current set-up or upgrade to the new ECX connection, which complements the present GRE connectivity option.

8. CloudFlare Announces DNSSEC—Secure DNS for Every Domain

CloudFlare is dedicated to building a better Internet. As of November 2015, anyone on CloudFlare can secure traffic with DNSSEC. Their goal is to double the size of the DNSSEC-enabled web, which will bring DNSSEC to millions of websites for free. DNSSEC essentially claims to be unspoofable. This means that website traffic is safely directed to the correct servers and web connections can’t be intercepted by a compromised ISP, an attacker on your router, or other man-in-the-middle type threats.

9. Akamai Launches Startup Program and Introduces Akamai Cloud Networking

In response to the expanding startup landscape in Japan and Asia Pacific, Akamai launched its innovative Akamai One Startup Program designed to empower new businesses to focus on company growth instead of worrying about complex web technology. The program uses Akamai’s Web and Mobile Performance solutions to deliver fast, reliable and secure online experiences. Independent startups are encouraged to use Akamai’s services under the program and—best of all—it’s offered with no integration or recurring costs for a year.

Additionally, the global leader in CDN services introduced Akamai Cloud Networking. Available worldwide as an integrated system of services, Akamai Cloud Networking ensures end-to-end reliability and performance for IP-VPNs as well as cloud and SaaS applications. The services offered include Internet Transport Optimization, SaaS and Cloud Acceleration, and Secure Web Gateway. These services maintain enterprise security and compliance without impacting performance. To add to the bargain, Akamai Cloud Networking capabilities are being bolstered by the recent acquisition of Bloxx, a provider of SWG technology.

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