Cool Company: Cloudbric by Penta Security

Cloudbric Logic Based Protection

Cloudbric, a new cloud based security service by Penta Security aims to change the game of WAF and DDoS Mitigation for the better. Penta Security Systems (Penta), Korea’s largest IT security firm created the Cloudbric service back in 2014. The Cloudbric platform is powered by the enterprise level WAF called WAPPLES, which Penta built from the ground up many years ago, in order to detect and mitigate advanced cyber attacks that bypass traditional products such as ModSecurity. Penta has more 2,500 customers around the world including BMW, ING, Marriott, Tesco, MetLife, and so on. Cloudbric is what we define as an Edge Security (CDN+WAF+DDoS Mitigation) service, similar to Incapsula and Akamai, and not a Nexusguard or Neustar.

Penta Security Systems is now the second company in the world to cross over from the pure-play security sector into CDN Edge Security. According to Penta, their WAF is superior to ModSecurity in every respect because it “does not use a signature-based engine to blacklist and whitelist the traffic” but instead uses a “self-learning engine that detects both known and unknown attacks” with advanced algorithms. And that in turn results in detecting attacks with “higher accuracy and lower false positives.” More to come on that.


Company: Penta Security Systems
Founded: 2014
HQ: Houston, Texas
Executives: Seokwoo Lee (CEO) and Duksoo Kim (CTO)
Product: WAF, DDoS Mitigation and Caching
Customers: BMW, ING, Marriott, Tesco, MetLife, McDonalds…

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