Aryaka Cloud Networking Technology Surpasses Growth Expectations


The battle for the Next Generation WAN market continues, as network providers and SD WAN vendors announce their latest strategies targeting the enterprise market with robust hybrid WAN architectures. Many vendors in the industry are following in the footsteps of the super-successful Aryaka Networks, a pioneer, leader and first mover in the segment. Why is Aryaka super-successful? Because they signed up 50 new customers in Q3 2015.

That’s outrageous growth, and we never imagined they would be growing this fast. We thought they would be signing up 50 new clients per year, not per quarter. If we compare the growth rates of all companies in the space, Aryaka has to rank at the top, easily. And keep in mind that selling any WAN service is a lot more difficult than selling CDN. Aryaka Networks defines itself as The Network for the Cloud. With so many WAN vendors in the market, it’s easy to get confused, therefore, we’ll summarize Aryaka’s differentiators, which is the reason they’re doing so well:

  • Customer traffic rides over a global private network, bypassing the public Internet: thus, cat videos and business applications don’t ride over the same network
  • Custom Multi-segment TCP protocol gives Aryaka the ability to control the quality of service for uploads as well as downloads, improving application performance across SaaS and cloud applications
  • Works with any router, and completely replaces Riverbed with cloud-based ADC
  • Replaces MPLS, but can also supplement MPLS with IP-VPN + Cloud ADC
  • Competitively priced, and scales on-demand since ADC is in the cloud
  • Takes only a few hours to set up and requires no hardware

Aryaka Networks


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