Cool Startup: SkyparkCDN of Russia


SkyparkCDN, a startup founded in 2013 has grown significantly over the last two years, becoming one of Russia’s largest CDNs, delivering content for thousands of websites. Presently, they cater to the mid-market, with plans to go upstream to the enterprise market in the near future. SkyparkCDN offers the full stack of services including video streaming (live and VOD), encoding, dynamic site acceleration and DDoS Mitigation. They’re in a great position to become one of the leading CDNs in the CSI Region (Commonwealth of Independent States) which includes: 1) Armenia 2) Azerbaijan 3) Belarus 4) Kazakhstan 5) Kyrgyzstan 6) Moldova 7) Russia 8) Tajikistan 9) Ukraine and 10) Uzbekistan.



Company: SkyparkCDN
Founded: 2013
HQ: Perm, Russia
VC: $8.5M
Investors: inMedia
Number of employees: 25
Founder: Dmitrii Ugai
Products: CDN, Video Streaming, DSA and DDoS Mitigation
Customers: eCommerce, gaming, software companies, entertainment and broadcasting

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