Imperva’s Incapsula Chosen to Provide Security of Medical and Scientific Publishing Company


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Imperva’s Incapsula Chosen to Provide Security of Medical and Scientific Publishing Company

In June 2015, Karger Publishers was the victim of a massive worldwide DDoS attack, a paid HTTPS attack, that increased their traffic by 70 percent and shut down their system. This week, Karger Publishers, a global medical and scientific publishing company that is utilized by research centers and universities, chose Imperva Incapsula to provide security services to its network. Imperva Incapsula’s firewall was launched quickly and offered a robust cloud access security broker (CASB) and the ability to detect, filter, and control HTTPS traffic, which led Karger to choose Imperva’s product.

Alcatel-Lucent Expands Global Reach and Touts Award-Winning and Effective Technology

France-based Alcatel-Lucent aims to improve services in Quebec, Canada by releasing its Motive Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform with Canadian Videotron. The Platform will enable Videotron to “efficiently identify and resolve customer’s potential equipment problems.” It will also allow Videotron to manage customers’ Wi-Fi routers when activating new services, implementing device upgrades, or troubleshooting.

China Mobile’s network serves 820 million subscribers-the most subscribers in the world. Alcatel-Lucent will launch its 7950 XRS IP Core Router in China Mobile’s CMNET and China Unicom to provide nine Chinese cities with high-speed and high-quality data. Alcatel-Lucent will become the sole supplier of A1 Telekom Austria’s ultra-broadband fixed-access technology, connecting 99 percent of homes in Austria to broadband operating at 100Mbps speeds.

Meanwhile, Alcatel-Lucent aims to increase upon last year’s sales in Romania of nearly EUR 81 million, will work with Fastweb, an Italian broadband operator, to offer country-wide access to ultra-broadband by allowing customer’s homes to be used as Wi-Fi hotspots, and will offer its IP and optical networking technologies to the Swiss national rail organization helping it maintain its reputation for punctuality and reliability by delivering data traffic to its 1300 sites and 500 offices.

Alcatel-Lucent has also extended its partnership with Qatar-based Ooredoo Group to assist Ooredoo in its mission to increase its presence in the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asia by providing network management. Thanks to its deals with Red Hat, Advantech and 6Wind, Alcatel-Lucent is trialing its near-commercial ready virtual radio access network (vRAN) products.

By 2016, trials will be expanded using CloudBand NFV platform which will allow onboard application management. Advertising a 40% cut in operating costs by reducing home visits by telecom providers, offering service assurance, and allowing life-cycle management, Alcatel is offering virtualized residential gateways (vRGWs). Finally, Frost & Sullivan have awarded cyber-security technology that encrypts data at multiple layers the 2015 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation.

Palo Alto Networks Receives Worldwide Accolades, Expands and Investigates

Building upon its 2013 Evaluation Assurance Level 4+, Palo Alto Network’s firewall security system has met the stringent requirements for Common Criteria (CC) Certification, an international (ISO) standard for security certification of IT products. As the first security company to validate a firewall against three NIAP Protection Profiles to attain the CC Certification, Palo Alto Networks is poised to take advantage of the government agency and large technology infrastructure that requires CC Certification. Palo Alto Networks also met the additional requirements set forth by the NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified Networks (CSfC) and was awarded the 2015 Australia Network Security Vendor of the Year award from Frost & Sullivan.

Palo Alto Networks also partnered this week with Mirantis, an Open-Stack company, to provide a virtual firewall to their networks (virtual network function, VNF) as Mirantis expands and is deployed in production environments. Additionally, ICT Academy has signed on to be Palo Alto Networks’ first Regional Academy Partner in India, Palo Alto Networks named a newly discovered malicious payload file that targets Apple iOS devices (mainly in China) “TinyV,” and identified vulnerabilities in all major Apple products, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, and notified Apple and Microsoft, respectively, of these security shortcomings.

Fortinet Settles Lawsuit with Sophos and Received Certification from ICSA Labs

Fortinet has settled its lawsuit (and countersuit) claiming patent-infringement and staff poaching with UK-based rival company Sophos Group PLC. Sophos will make a one-time payment to Fortinet and neither have admitted liability in the suits.

Additionally, Fortinet, the cybersecurity company, has obtained an Advanced Threat Defence (ATD) Certification from an independent division of Verizon, ICSA Labs. ICSA Labs is an ISO-accredited lab that offers vendor-neutral testing focused on malicious threats that are typically missed by traditional security products. Fortinet’s Advanced Threat Protection Framework is tested by ICSA against the latest threats up to four times per year.

Riverbed’s Steelhead Chosen by BT, Australian Charity, Russian Bank

Riverbed’s Steelhead has been selected by British Telecommunications (BT) and Australian charity Cancer Council NSW to provide cloud-based security. With this partnership, BT aims to improve application performance and quickly manage private and public clouds. BT will join Riverbed with the services already provided to high-capacity cloud providers in Europe, North America and Asia, and it will be available in 198 countries and territories in 2016.

NSW, which is 97% community funded, has selected Riverbed to secure their remodeling to a “cloud-first, mobile-device-only strategy so that staff and volunteers have greater capacity and flexibility to serve the NSW community.” With NSW’s 350 staff, 2,300 regular volunteers, 16 regional offices and 8 retail stores, timely and reliable communication and access to data is vital. Riverbed’s Steelhead has also been chosen by Russia’s VTB bank to improve their application performance, and has already helped them reduce data traffic between users, 57 data servers in Moscow and 57 in servers in other regions by 62%.

Arista Networks Show Commitment to Indian Market with Innovation Center in Bangalore

Arista Networks, a US-based computer and cloud networking company, opened its first office in India in 2010, and it is now one of its largest global offices. Arista has announced that it will open a new technology center in Bangalore, India. This Innovation Centre will focus on Arista Extensible Operating System (EOS) and will continue to develop technology partnerships and CloudVision technology.

NexusGuard Releases First Software-Defined Networking to DDoS

Reinforcing its reputation as a worldwide leader in DDoS security, NexusGuard has introduced NexusGuard A1. NexusGuard A1 will be the first to offer a DDoS solution with automated route engineering powered by software-defined networking (SDN). With DDoS attacks, security companies are inhibited by the speed of information received by the upstream service providers.

Should a large or persistent attack be launched, ISPs may choose to degrade or drop all connection to the destination causing costly outages. Nexuguard A1 will automate route engineering to avoid upstream networking hassles, keeping traffic balanced with scrubbing center capacities, attack type and the protected customer profile. This automation will ease decision making processes and optimize available resources during an attack which is increasingly important for large brands, especially during the holiday season.

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