CDN Eco-Graph #4


Here’s the latest update to CDN Ecosystem diagram, which now incorporates the SDN-WAN and SDN Networking startup segments. The CDN and SDN segments share a lot of similarities in their infrastructure, along with the Cloud ADC’s. The crossover startups like Aryaka Networks, Lagrange Systems and Versa Networks are evidence of the collapsing nature of the features sets, thanks to the cloud. The cloud has erased the barriers that once kept technology sectors in tact, as the development of new cloud architectures leverage the innovations in security, content delivery, load balancing, networking, routing, and so on.

Ecosystem Updates

  • SDN- WAN: This group focuses on supplementing and in some cases replaces existing legacy MPLS deployments
  • SDN Networking: This group focuses on data center networking and hyper-scale systems, replacing the need for proprietary products like Cisco
  • Security: We moved Zscaler from the Edge Security CDN group to the security group for the lack of a CDN feature set

CDN Eco-Graph #4


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