Cool Startup: illusive Networks


illusive networks, a startup from Israeli security incubator Team8, offers an extremely unique cybersecurity solution to protecting networks. Using deception technology that transcends beyond the traditional honeypots and perimeter defenses, the company boasts that their solution acts as a “hall of mirrors” that will trick hackers into believing that the “false” network is the “real” network. illusive network’s system programs a series of algorithmic deceptions that are installed on “every endpoint, server and network component” of the customer’s network.

These deceptions are triggered when a malicious hacker stumbles across the network, which automatically launches a real-time, high-fidelity report that forces the hacker to revealing their entire profile, allowing the company to detect and contain the attack in earlier, easier stages. This startup is a very innovative, novel approach as a modern cybersecurity solutions which could prompt more cybersecurity startups offering similar ideas. With offices in Israel and New York, they plan further expansion into Europe.


    • Company: illusive Networks
    • Started: 2014
    • Raised: $27.0M in funding
    • HQ: Tel Aviv and New York
    • Linkedin Employee Count: 37
    • Co-founders: Ofer Israeli (Founder and VP of Research & Development), Shlomo Touboul (CEO) and Arik Levi (CFO)
    • Product: Deception Technology against targeted attacks and APTs

Platform Features

  • No false positives, ever
  • Platform identifies anomalies and spots malicious hacker activity in real-time
  • Collects hacker data in forensic reports
  • Deception Technology against targeted attacks and APTs
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