Next Generation High Performance CDN Super PoP Architecture


In the next few quarters, we are going to enter a new phase in life called the ‘High-Performance CDN PoP Architecture” that will force existing cloud architectures into extinction, including those belonging to the likes of AWS, Google and Azure, as least in the delivery throughput category. This CDN PoP Architecture is not Next-Generation, but Next-Next Generation of High Performance delivery. How high is “High Performance” in our world? One Super PoP can withstand forty 1Tbps DDoS Attacks and still make it home for dinner.

The three core components that will force this unfortunate change are listed below. We say unfortunate, because its going to involve the replacement of servers and Internet connections at all PoPs, which is expensive and kind of tedious to do. After all, the motto for CDN Architecture are best summed up in one phrase “out with the old and in with the new”.

The Game Changers

2 Rack Super PoP = 80Tbps of Transit Capacity

  • 10 Servers with Dual-Port 100Gbps/server
  • Eighty 100Gbps Internet Ports = 2x100Gbps Internet Ports per Server
  • Arista Networks, Pluribus Networks, or Other High Performance Switch


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