Instart Logic Raises $45 Million and Adds Powerhouse Telstra as Investor



Instart Logic just raised a cool $45M in Series D, bringing its total war chest to $140M. And the most impressive part of the equation, the Australian Telco powerhouse Telstra also became an investor. Telstra is no stranger to the CDN industry. In fact, they are a pioneer in the Telco CDN space, investing, acquiring and partnering with segment leaders around the world.

Congrats to the Instart Logic team. Their hard work is paying off. And we failed to predict this move, as we thought Instart Logic was done  with raising money. But when sales revenues grows 3x, that’s whats expected. In their announcement, Instart Logic stated they now have “500 market-leading websites” serving “30M users in 180 countries”. Those metrics speak volumes to their successful business model. In raising this round, not only is this a big positive for Instart Logic, but a big positive for the entire CDN sector, because there are many out there willing to pay premium dollar for premium CDN services. Thus, Akamai isn’t the only one charging premium fees for premium services.

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