Skypark CDN: DDoS Attacks in Russia


Skypark CDN, one of the leading pure-play CDNs in Russia released some interesting metrics on DDoS attacks in Russia, compiled for the year of 2015. Two of the most interesting metrics; there are 51 DDoS attacks per day in Russia and DDoS-for-hire services can be had for as low as $5 per hour.

 7 Facts about DDoS Attacks in Russia for 2015
  • 20% of Russian websites have experienced a DDoS attack
  • 55% of attacks are against business websites
  • 27% of attacks resulted in total denial of service
  • There is an average of 51 DDoS attacks per day
  • The longest DDoS attack continued for 122 days
  • Majority of DDoS attacks are a red herring used to distract from real attacks such as data theft
  • DDoS attack-for-rent cost as little as $5 for the service
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