Is Akamai The World’s Largest Cloud Security Company Surpassing Palo Alto Networks


Akamai just announced their 2015 earnings and the biggest takeaway – their Security Solutions segment is currently at a $300M annual run-rate. Very impressive especially since the security solutions business segment didn’t exist a few years ago. A few years ago, the only security solution Akamai provided was token auth + SSL certs + ability to withstand massive DDoS attacks, not really mitigate them like they do today. What does this all mean? Two things.

First, Akamai is the worlds largest cloud security vendor, surpassing Palo Alto Networks (PANW), since PANW still makes a bulk of their cash flow via appliances. Second, what are the traditional security companies like Palo Alto Networks and FireEye going to do to compete against the new cloud security threat? Obviously they can’t really do much in the short term, since they lack the CDN skill-set.

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