Cool Startup: Cato Networks


Cato Networks, a Tel-Aviv startup founded in 2015, has recently gone to market with a Cloud-based Network Security solution that protects the new corporate perimeter. The new corporate perimeter is everywhere where employees are no longer being protected by the traditional firewall, behind the traditional perimeter. This new perimeter is everywhere from the cloud to branch locations to mobile devices, and so on. Cato Network addresses this challenge head-on by protecting the new perimeter with an innovative cloud solution that encircles the user, creating a new perimeter that protects the individual  user.

Cato Networks was started by industry security visionaries Shlomo Kramer and Guy Shtaz, raising $20M in Series A. Their key demographic is the mid-market, and they are aggressively building up their Channel Partner Program around the world to accelerate market penetration. There are two parts to the Cato product line: “Cato Cloud Network” and “Cato Security Services”. The Cato Cloud Network is a highly secured global PoP network that enables companies to easily connect to the Cato Cloud anywhere in the world. The Cato Security Service is a suite of services that includes a Next Generation Firewall, VPN Access, Application Control, URL Filtering, and a robust web-based control panel where users can  configure, monitor and view their in-depth reports. Coming up next, interview with Shlomo Kramer.


Company: Cato Networks
Founded: 2015
HQ: Tel Aviv
VC Raised: $20M
Number of employees: 25 and growing
Co-Founders: Shlomo Kramer (CEO) and Gur Shatz (CTO)
Product: Cloud-based Network Security (Cato Cloud) and Security Services (Firewall + VPN + Application Control +URL Filtering)
Customers: Mid-market, eCommerce, banking, gaming…

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