2016 Independent CDN Landscape Report Coming Tuesday March 22


We are excited to announce that Bizety is publishing its first 2016 Independent CDN Landscape Report on Tuesday March 22. The report has been created for the “CDN Buyer,” defined as any company 1) currently using a CDN 2) switching CDNs or 3) adding a CDN as part of a Multi-CDN strategy.

We’ve broken down the market into 13 micro-segments and evaluated 40+ companies overall, including the Next-Gen CDNs, Telco CDNs, Operator CDNs, Security Focused CDNs, APAC CDNs, many more. The highlight of the analysis is the “CDN Features Comparison Chart. We put 34 CDNs side-by-side and compared their features.

When it comes to CDN Landscape Reports, comparing features side-by-side is very challenging. DSA, FEO, CDN PoP Count, Origin Shield and other features used in past comparisons are no longer relevant differentiators. To overcome this challenge we invested some serious brain power to develop a great way to compare features across the spectrum with the aim of helping CDN Buyers through the CDN selection process.

Here are the report highlights:

  • Completely independent report
  • Developed for the CDN Buyer
  • Insight for every CDN Buyer type – Fortune 1000, Global Brands, Conglomerates, Financial Institutions, Media Companies, Large Enterprises and Mid-market
  • Target Audience: “C” Level Tech Exec, IT Exec, CTO, CIO, WebOps and DevOps

Reserve your copy here

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