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Skyport Systems is a Mountain View, CA-based security startup. They first emerged from stealth mode in May 2015 with a goal to building enterprise server with advanced security features built into its core architecture that will secure both at the hardware and OS level. With that goal in mind, they offer a Skysecure, a turn key secure compute platform to stand up virtual machines. Since its launch, Skyport Systems has notable clientele with government entities, higher education institutions, enterprises and SMEs.

The hardware server itself is safely deployed in just about 30 minutes to off-premises locations with little to no pre-configuration required which can protect an organization’s critical workloads. The operating system on the SkySecure Server is an SELinux (Security Enhanced Linux) version of Debian Linux, with all applications running inside of a secured and isolated Xen hypervisor.

Besides the physical server component, there is the SkySecure Center SaaS management system that provides both traffic and system intelligence. It checks the integrity of firmware, BIOS, software and cryptography. Users get full transparency into all system activities, including an audit trail for policy. It continuously monitors and audits every transaction, connection, and administrative action logs in and out of every server under management and every VM under management. Additionally, packet capture helps determine if a workload has been infected, and the system also records who makes policies so users can track any changes to services.

In the past year, Skyport has lead an impressive series of VC funding rounds. They just raised a $30 million Series C round in March 2015 led by Google Ventures. That brings total funding for Skyport to $67 million, with the company previously raising $7 million in its Series A and $30 million in its Series B rounds. Skyport plans to use the new funding to expand its sales and marketing and accelerate its R&D programs.


    • Company: Skyport Systems
    • Started: 2013
    • Raised: $67.0M in funding
    • HQ: Mountain View, CA
    • Linkedin Employee Count: 65
    • Co-founders: Michael Beesley (CTO), Rob Rodgers (Chief Architect), Will Eatherton
    • Product: Hyper-Secured Infrastructure (HSI)

Platform Features

  • Secure Software – x86 system and a security co-processor
  • Per-VM DMZ and Firewall
  • TurnkeyPlatform
  • Security I/O Co-Processor
  • Cloud-based management system
  • Service proxies for applications
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