Cool Startup: Reblaze


ReblazeReblaze is an up-and-coming startup that has burst onto the CDN scene with an innovative feature-rich cloud security platform. The founding team are security veterans with years of industry experience, and they’ve built a holistic feature-rich SaaS security platform for protecting websites, mobile sites and web applications. They offer WAF, DDoS Mitigation, Bot Mitigation, Content Filtering. Real Time Analytics and a host of additional features. The easy-to-use platform has a robust rules engine, which enables customers to create fine-grain policies for securing content. Presently, Reblaze does not operate its own global CDN infrastructure but partners with the likes of EdgeCast, CloudFront and others. We’ll be publishing more on them in the coming week.

Company Background

  • Company: Reblaze
  • Started: 2011
  • HQ: Pituach, Israel
  • VC Raised: Privately Held
  • Employee Count: 20+
  • Co-founders: Eyal Hayardeny (CEO & Co-Founder), Tzury Bar Yochay (CTO & Co-Founder)
  • Product: Edge Security CDN

Platform Features

  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Anti-scraping
  • Bot Mitigation
  • Traffic Management
  • Fully Managed w/ 24×7 SecOps Support
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