CDN Ecosystem Graph #36


Here’s the latest CDN Ecosystem diagram representing the movers and shakers within our industry. The diagram is an illustration of all the players who participate in the industry in one form or another, and includes the Pure-plays, Telco CDNs, Security focused CDNs, SD-WANs, and so on. The two hottest segments within the industry are Edge Security and SD-WANs – two groups of startups that are focused on disrupting the multi-billion dollar traditional cyber security and WAN industries.

CDN Ecosystem Updates

  • Twin Prime moved into Mobile Software category along with PubNub
  • Kwicr removed from diagram since they got acquired by Instart Logic
  • RevAPM moved to the Next-gen Category
  • Cato Networks is solo in its own category since they are the only ones the do what they do
  • Akamai and Limelight are once again together in the Public category
  • CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) based CDNs are major contenders now targeting a population of quarter billion

CDN Eco-Graph #36

Content Delivery Network Ecosystem

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