Cool Startup – Morphisec


Founded in 2014, Morphisec came out of stealth mode a year later revealing a suite of security defense tools for protecting enterprises against targeted attacks. Based on patented technology originating out of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Morphisec offers protection by reflecting back from attackers.

Morphisec Moving Target Defense provides protection against targeted and zero-day attacks through leveraging the concept of polymorphic attacks, or malicious code that hides itself from AV signature-based detection tools. Morphisec’s innovative use, dubbed polymorphic defense, continuously morphs the inner structures of running applications and renders all known and potentially unknown exploits as useless. In addition, Morphisec’s real-time investigation tools accurately and instantaneously identify attack fingerprints, and also offers deep forensic and threat intelligence capabilities and services.

Company Background

  • Company: Morphisec
  • Started: 2014
  • HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • VC Raised: $7M in 1 Round from 5 Investors
  • Employee Count: 22
  • Product: Cybersecurity

Platform Features

  • Endpoint Threat Prevention
  • Zero Day Prevention
  • Moving Target Defense
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