Interesting Metrics on the Web Infrastructure Business


Number of Cloud Products from Google, AWS & Azure

  • Google (7 Products): Compute, Storage, Networking, Big Data, Machine Learning, Operations, Tools, and 37 sub-products
  • Azure (12 Products): Compute, Web+Mobile, Data+Storage, Analytics, Networking, Hybrid Integration, IAM, Media+CDN, Developer Services, Management, Intelligence, Internet of Things. and 61 sub-products
  • AWS (12 Products): Compute, Storage+Content Delivery, Database, Networking, Analytics, Enterprise Applications, Mobile Services, Internet of Things, Developer Tools, Management Tools, Security+Identify, Application Services and 67 sub-products

Google, Azure and AWS continue to grow the cloud feature set, which is described above as “Products”. While the vast selection of features is good for users, the complexity of picking the right combination of services for a given application is growing exponentially.  At the present time, Google has 7 core products and 37 services under those products, Azure has 12 products and 61 services, and AWS has 12 products and 67 services. For enterprises using Multi-Cloud providers, understanding what each service does, how much it cost, and how to set it up is a job for a team of analyst. Its amazing how the trio developed a pricing model for every single service, even though its as mundane as an API call.

Total Number of Websites

  • 1,003,887,790 host names and 171M active sites
  • 5,782,080 Web-facing Computers
  • Domain holding companies, spammers and link farmers can cause deployment of millions of sites in short time span

The total number of host names and websites continues to grow, according to Netcraft. This is the second time in history the number of hostnames has reached a billion.

Server Deployments for all Sites

  • Apache accounted for 306,292,557 – 32.8%
  • Microsoft IIS accounted for 278,593,041 sites – 29.86%
  • Nginx accounted for 137,459,391 – 14.72%
  • Google accounted for 20,640,058 – 2.21%

Apache continues to be the leading web server globally. Microsoft is close behind. Google is the newcomer to the mix.

CDN Pricing Comparison- USA (High to Low)

  • $.049/GB – $.035/GB
  • KeyCDN:  $.04/GB – $.01/GB
  • Google CDN: $.08/GB – $.02/GB
  • AWS CloudFront: $.085/GB – $.02/GB

CDN77 and KeyCDN provide some of the lowest pricing in the industry for CDN services. Their prices range from $.04/GB for 1TB to as low as $.01 for a few PB’s per month of data transfer. Google is the newcomer to the mix, matching Amazon CloudFront prices. The difference between CDN77 + KeyCDN and Google CDN + CloudFront is the last two also charge a transaction fee, which is small unless companies are pushing vast amount of traffic daily. Expect Google and Amazon to drop prices to KeyCDN level in due time.

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