Content Delivery Infrastructure Updates


Instart Logic Introduces A Bot Mitigation Service

Instart Logic, a next-generation pure-play Application Delivery Network has introduced a bot mitigation service called “Bot or Not”. The Bot or Not is part of Instart Logic’s security offering, which uses behavioral analysis to “fingerprint the browser” and other techniques such as IP reputation with rate limiting and custom rules to mitigate attacks. The Bot or Not service leverages the same machine learning algorithms that powers the Instart Logic WAF and Nanovisor. From a market perspective, the roll out of this new service is perfect, since bot mitigation is the next big thing for CDNs.

Telia Drops The Balls, The Ball Being WhatsApp, Reddit, Slack, Trello, CloudFlare, Etc.

Telia, a Swedish Telco with 26k employees suffered a major outage a few days ago and took down some of the biggest names on the Internet including WhatsApp, Reddit, Slack, Trello, CloudFlare, etc. The outage impacted some parts of Europe, and CloudFlare wasn’t a happy camper, so they decided to drop  Telia until the Telco gets its house in order. At first, some reports speculated that a transatlantic cable which connects the US to  Europe was the culprit. However, according to one publication, the culprit is a Telia Engineer who accidently entered the wrong destination into a router sending all of Europe’s traffic to Hong Kong. The question begs itself, how can a highly decorated networking engineer, geek and routing guru make such a rookie mistake.

CloudFlare Rolls Out 4 PoPs in June

CloudFlare is growing its PoP count like mad. In June 2016, they launched Australia, Brussels,  Denver and Moscow. A month earlier, they rolled out Thailand, Ukraine and Taipei. To date, CloudFlare has 83 PoPs and they’re adding almost a PoP a week. If they keep up the pace on PoP build-outs, they’re likely to surpass Verizon in two months, then Comcast after that. With all that money they got from Google and others in the last venture round, this was expected. Some say PoP count is not important when it comes to content acceleration + optimization – as long as the PoPs are located within the major Internet Peering Exchanges. That might be true for acceleration, but PoP count is definitely important when it comes to DDoS Mitigation. You can never have enough PoPs and capacity when it comes to fighting DDoS attacks.

Nginx, Varnish and Wowza

Nginx, Varnish and Wowza are the most important pieces in the content delivery infrastructure. Over the last two years, the functionality of all three products have continued to evolve, as development teams poured their heart and soul into extending the capabilities in caching, load balancing, APIs integration, mobile acceleration, storage and security.  Its seems that Nginx and Varnish have reached a point where their product is more feature rich than some CDN platforms. And Wowza has become a Video Streaming Juggernaut in its own right that powers the worlds leading streaming platforms. For some CDNs, it might be time to throw out the old and implement the new. Just look at CacheFly, they have transformed themselves into a Next-Gen CDN by installing Varnish Plus, the latest and greatest caching platform from Varnish Software.

HolaCDN is Growing Up Fast

HolaCDN, the Video CDN startup is growing up fast in two areas – headcount and platform innovation. They’ve gone on a hiring spree hiring some talented CDN veterans from competing CDNs to help evangelize the market. And they have continued to invest millions in their product line, introducing features like the Multi-CDN Switcher, Multi-CDN Module and Multi-CDN Manager, which enables companies to switch between CDNs on the fly, in order to increase high availability, and reduce cost by switching to the lowest cost CDN mid-stream. Using HolaCDN is as easy as inserting a single line of JS code into the video page, which works with JW Player, Flow Player, Video.js and others. HolaCDN is like Conviva + Next-Gen CDN on steroids – the difference being HolaCDN provides real time metrics vs Conviva.

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