Independent CDN Performance Testing


The Bizety Team is expanding deeper into Advisory Services. We’re now offering Independent CDN Performance Testing for CDN Buyers and Partners. When it comes to benchmarking CDN performance across multiple providers in different regions, the task is challenging. No single tool or platform provides all the answers. In fact, we’ve seen in our experience that decisions are sometimes made on flawed performance data.

Our team conducts extensive CDN Performance Testing over a one-month period for each engagement, using a variety of tools, custom scripts and proprietary research methods. The best part is we normalize network hiccups so there’s cleaner data for the decision making process. The more complex the testing environment, the more our team shines. Even though there are a variety of automated tools in the marketplace, the actual process of benchmarking is still very manual in nature. Inquire for more info at

CDN Performance Testing

  • Objective performance evaluation of major and specialized CDN providers
  • CDN-agnostic testing tools that take advantage of a suite of in-house and third party systems
  • Backbone testing as well as RUM testing for full spectrum analysis
  • Application-specific testing: object delivery, video delivery, website delivery and application acceleration
  • Component analysis for detailed performance insight
  • Transaction benchmarking for network and application components
  • Deep combination analysis based on user metrics (ISP/geo/time-of-day)
  • Statistic modeling for scenario-focused application behavior
  • Documentation and training
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