MaxCDN, Fireblade, Staminus and Cloak Join StackPath


Who saw this coming? MaxCDN and Fireblade have been acquired by StackPath, a startup security-as-service-platform that raised $180M. StackPath is led by Lance Crosby, founder of Softlayer, and Andrew Higginbotham, former SVP of Cloud Technology at CenturyLink. In addition, StackPath acquired Staminus and Cloak. The quad-combo mix of companies is very interesting and feature-packed.

MaxCDN + Fireblade + Staminus + Cloak gives StackPath Next-generation CDN + Cloud WAF + DDoS Mitigation + VPN capabilities.

  • MaxCDN: Pure-play CDN with online ordering system
  • Fireblade: Next-Gen WAF sold to cloud companies
  • Staminus: DDoS Mitigation platform
  • Cloak: VPN Platform

StackPath will integrate these Best-of-Breed services into a cohesive platform tailored to CDN Buyers. The million dollar question, which isn’t discussed on their website or press release – will StackPath also develop the capabilities to go after the cloud network security market and give Zscaler a run for their money? Why else would they acquire a VPN company if not for that? Congrats to Chris, David, Shay and Matt.

StackPath EdgeSecurity CDN


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