StackPath Is The Real Deal. Integrates CDN, DDoS and WAF In Record Time


There was a lot of industry rumors that StackPath’s business model wouldn’t pan out because buying individual startups that provide CDN, DDoS Mitigation and WAF functionality, all while integrating them together, was a losing proposition. We were even skeptical on the integration, and there was a valid reason to be skeptical, because very few CDNs actually succeed. Well, we can put those rumors in the backseat for now because StackPath has made integration history.

As of a few days ago, the StackPath technology stack of CDN + DDoS Mitigation + WAF is working in unison. Thus, if a StackPath customer opts for edge security services, such as DDoS Mitigation and WAF, the service automatically kick-in, protecting customers from cyber attacks.

At the Varnish Summit last week in Los Angeles, we got the first look at the StackPath integration. Nathan Moore, a gifted Principal Architect at StackPath, demonstrated the new platform and it was impressive. Now that the integration is behind them, the next challenge is taking the company to the $100M annual revenue mark. CloudFlare is one of the leaders in this niche and even they haven’t reached $100M in annual revenue yet. Maybe they’ll do it this year, maybe not. But if StackPath can do that in the next three years, and that will be another record.

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