Akamai Expands the Feature Set By Acquiring Concord Systems


Akamai has announced its all-cash acquisition of Concord Systems, Inc., a New York-based company founded in 2014, which provides solutions for high performance processing of data at scale. Concord’s distributed stream processing framework is written in C++, built on top of Apache Mesos and is designed to provide flexible data processing. It supports Go, C++, Scala, Ruby and Python. The move is seen as bolstering Akamai’s existing feature set and platform data processing capabilities. It will also expand Akamai’s range of products meant to support IoT customers.

Concord software is touted as providing a framework optimized for data aggregation, data filtering, and analysis of highly-distributed big data use cases. This is necessary because collecting and processing data from multiple sources back to an origin requires scale and reliability across the internet.

“Concord Systems brings a fresh, innovative and modern approach to some of the challenges and hard problems related to processing big data,” said Ash Kulkarni, senior vice president of Akamai’s Web Experience Division. “Their team has developed critical software that enables the dynamic deployment of customer logic at scale. Together, their expertise will be a strong complement to Akamai, and we believe their technology is applicable across a number of different use cases.”

The Concord team will be incorporated into Akamai’s Platform Engineering team and tasked with building a real-time event processing platform that leverages Concord’s technology. Concord’s product suite will still be available for public download and use, and customer support will be provided via the User Group.

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