PacketZoom Secures $4.3M Venture Funding and Appoints Shlomi Gian CEO


Mobile content delivery and acceleration company PacketZoom is announcing two major developments this week: the acquisition of additional funding from existing investors First Round Capital, Baseline Ventures, Founders Collective, and Tandem Capital, and the appointment of Shlomi Gian as their new CEO. Says Bill Trenchard, a partner at First Round Capital, “PacketZoom has revolutionized the content delivery approach to completely reimagine and improve the mobile user experience. The team continues to innovate, and the addition of seasoned mobile leaders such as Shlomi Gian underscores the strength of the PacketZoom as a whole.”

To achieve their goal of helping app developers deliver the best user experience, PacketZoom focuses on removing obstacles to fast and reliable content delivery in the last mobile mile. Mobile content delivery faces a barrage of challenges due to the various and constantly changing network conditions that affect it, which can create significant problems for app developers. PacketZoom helps developers’ apps deliver improved performance by adapting content delivery to these changes and customizing how apps perform as data is transmitted through carrier and WiFi networks. Through their innovative approach to content delivery, PacketZoom boasts a speed of delivery two to three times faster than traditional means.

Ensuring fast delivery, adaptive experiences, and minimal disconnects can not only improve the performance of an app, but ensure that developers obtain and maintain DAUs, as Shlomi Gian, their recently appointed CEO, remarks. “Chetan Ahuja [PacketZoom’s CTO] and his team have built an industry-leading product that is solving a crucial challenge mobile publishers and developers, such as Glu, face and that’s the user experience. If an app performs poorly users don’t blame the mobile network where 70% of latency resides, they just abandon the app. With PacketZoom technology mobile apps enjoy unprecedented speed and reliability and that translates into improved user retention and engagement for our customers.”

Gian joins PacketZoom after his tenure at Akamai, where he was Co-Founder of the Emerging Mobile Business Unit and Head of Mobile Market Development. His brings with him over twenty years of experience in the tech industry, where he has focused his career on improving mobile services at Cotendo (prior to their acquisition by Akamai), Keynote, and DeviceAnywhere.

PacketZoom’s growing client list for shopping, travel, gaming, and sharing apps demonstrates their value for app developers, which is sure to only increase as more and more users access information through mobile devices.

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