CDN Ecosystem Graph #40


Here’s the latest CDN Ecosystem Graph, which illustrates the overall landscape and various segments within the industry. The players are categorized into groups, who share similar attributes or provide similar services. One of the more exciting groups is Bot Mitigation. Distil Networks defined this segment a few years back. Now, others have followed suit bringing with them new ways in dealing with the problems associated with online fraud, web scraping and pesky bots. Below are some key takeaways from the graph.

CDN Ecosystem Graph


Key Takeaways

  • Bot Mitigation: PerimeterX and Shape Security are two of the most innovative startups in this niche. Their technology is more mature and further along than the Akamai’s of the world
  • Aryaka Networks and Cato Networks are the only two companies in the world that provide Cloud WAN / Network-as-a-service running over CDN Infrastructure, which has all the strengths of MPLS and none of its weaknesses
  • PacketZoom brings a new approach to mobile content delivery, where they extend the traditional CDN PoP from the edge to the Mobile device. In short, they convert the mobile device into a PoP
  • The Cloud Trio is going to commoditize the video streaming market more than it already is
  • CloudFlare is the fastest growing Edge Security startup in the CDN+DDoS+WAF group
  • Fastly is now the leading Next-Gen CDN. The next stop for them is to reach $100M in annual revenue
  • The Cyber Security group are some of the newest startups in the space that take machine learning to a whole new level
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