Hacker Takes Down the East Coast For Less Than A Dollar


It’s bad, really really bad. A hacker launched a major DDOS attack on Dyn and knocked them offline for hours. Dyn is one of the largest, if not the largest pure-play DNS provider in the world. And if Dyn goes down, lots of big companies like Amazon, Twitter and Spotify go down.

Life isn’t fair, especially for Dyn. Dyn has likely plucked down millions of dollars in Arbor hardware, top of the line WAF’s, and they still suffer. On the other end, we likely have a hacker who eats pizza while playing online games. And his cost to launch an attack, with the unit of cost being labor, as in punching in a few lines of code in the command line to take over vulnerable devices, and another line of code called “Attack” – it has to be less than a dollar.


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