Varnish Software Introduces Varnish Extend, a DIY CDN Solution


Varnish Software has rolled out Varnish Extend, a private do-it-yourself CDN, in collaboration with Cedexis, which monitors and optimizes web performance across data centers, CDNs, and clouds. It is a pre-packaged product that comes bundled with Varnish Plus, Varnish Software caching, Cedexis’ traffic management service, blueprint, and support, and uses a subscription-based pricing model, allowing customers to control costs.

Varnish Extend is a software layer that can be implemented as a private CDN or as part of a hybrid content delivery setup, which incorporates a mix of third-party CDN services and private cache servers (like Facebook and Netflix). It can also be used to deploy multiple Varnish nodes between the origin and CDNs to protect the origin from a sudden spike in requests, and optimize caching and content delivery (i.e. as an origin shield).

“The Cedexis and Varnish Software partnership makes hybrid architectures accessible to any company that wants to extend its content delivery capabilities and control while providing a high-performance, scalable experience to their users online,” said Lars Larsson, Varnish Software CEO. “Varnish Extend gives customers the software layer necessary to gain complete control to strategically manage their digital content delivery, global traffic management and costs.”

Some features of Varnish Extend are:

  • Availability: It can be offered across multiple platforms, avoiding a single point of failure with one CDN, and providing resiliency.
  • Flexibility and Performance: Varnish Extend combines caching with scalable global traffic management, enabling flexibility and control for hybrid CDNs.
  • Controllability: Customers can control content delivery and costs.
  • Ease of deployment: It comes with pre-integrated software and a blueprint so you can deploy the solution in as little as four hours.
  • Low cost: Varnish Extend uses a subscription-based pricing model based on the number of nodes and requests rather than capacity, allowing you to scale cost-efficiently.
  • Security: Private content is not kept on open public networks.

Varnish Extend is now available on and starts at $2,500 per month. A live webinar, detailing deployment scenarios and use cases, is scheduled for next month.

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