Wowza Reaches Milestone With Live Low-Latency Streaming


Wowza has rolled out an update to its Streaming Engine, which improves scalability for live low-latency streaming. The update incorporates new GPU scaling and provides more cloud deployment options. The enhanced player also makes it easier to deliver Flash-free videos across a range of devices, applications, and websites.

The major benefits of Wowza Streaming Engine v4.6 are as follows:

  1. Scalable live low-latency WebRTC: The WebRTC Live Repeater function allows customers to use Wowza Streaming Engine instances as an edge network to reduce latency.
  2. Up to 90% Reduction in CPU load: Wowza has implemented GPU scaling and load-balancing enhancements using a simple XML configuration, in order to reduce the CPU load. This configuration allows new-gen graphics cards to use Nvidia’s accelerated encoding scaling abilities for faster transcoding and efficient use of computing resources.
  3. Global availability: The streaming engine is available on cloud platforms throughout the world. Wowza has leveraged AWS to expand into India, and Alibaba Cloud for China. It’s also now compatible with Docker with a new Linux image for developers, making it possible to create streaming applications on Azure and Google Compute Engine.

“Wowza continues to deliver technologies that shape the streaming landscape, with high-quality video-streaming solutions that are flexible, reliable, scalable and affordable,” said David Stubenvoll, CEO and co-founder of Wowza Media Systems. “With the updates of Wowza Streaming Engine and the availability of Wowza Player, we’ve introduced a new era of streaming that embraces live low-latency and Flash-less workflows at an unprecedented scale.”

Wowza Player is also available on the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager and Wowza Streaming Cloud service for streaming workflows. It provides responsive, plug-in free playback with controls, adaptive bitrate playback, DVR, an intuitive JavaScript API, and analytics for viewing statistics. The HTML5 Wowza Player leverages new HLS playback requirements and can be embedded into applications on any device.

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