ZENEDGE Posts Third Straight Quarter of Record Growth


Demand for cutting-edge bot detection and DDoS mitigation services has been growing in leaps and bounds in recent years, as the relentless arms race between hackers and cybersecurity researchers has bred a new crop of advanced cyberthreats. Recent, highly publicized hacking incidents have put the looming threat of further intrusions firmly on everyone’s minds. And, with the holiday shopping season in full swing, enterprises have been clamoring for cloud-based, turnkey cybersecurity solutions to thwart everything from DDoS attacks to malicious SQL injections.

In this milieu, ZENEDGE has emerged as a leading cybersecurity platform, posting three consecutive quarters of record growth in 2016. In Q3 of 2016, ZENEDGE saw triple digit year-over-year revenue growth, as well as an influx of big deals and high-profile customers. With thousands of websites already under its aegis and a 98%+ rate of customer retention, the cybersecurity provider also attracted $6.2 million in Series C funding in September from investors like Pilot Growth Equity, TELUS Ventures, and Zoho Corporation.

This has all been thanks to growing adoption of its cloud-based, AI-driven web application firewall (WAF) and the warm reception to its malicious bot detection and DDoS mitigation solutions. Its enterprise-grade WAF features an intuitive real-time control center, enabling clients to monitor threats and calibrate their caching preferences without disrupting service. This is supplemented with 24×7 monitoring and protection provided by ZENEDGE’s globally distributed network of cybersecurity experts. In addition, ZENEDGE recently rolled out its Advanced Malicious Bot Detection and Mitigation Platform with enhanced fingerprinting capabilities, to reduce false positives, identify malicious bot activity, and defend against web and data scraping bots.

In discussions with Bizety, ZENEDGE co-founder Alp Hug specifically credited the new platform with attracting new customers, including an Asian airline and a very large, “yellow pages type” company in Europe. For the latter client, ZENEDGE customized the platform’s fingerprinting capabilities to win the company over and handily unseat the incumbent, a leading bot detection solutions provider.

As we look into this market, we see that our platform and AI driven engine is ideally suited to address the bot detection and mitigation challenges,” Hug said. “We even had a hacker come to our web site and comment on how good our technology was!”

With ZENEDGE gaining momentum with customers across a range of verticals and displacing established industry leaders in the process, the company has also kicked off a spate of new hires and expanded its global network.

“The cyber threat landscape is growing at an unprecedented rate and a cybersecurity solution is now a must for every organization,” said Yuri Frayman, CEO at ZENEDGE.  “We will continue to work hard to stay ahead of the curve, so we can ensure our customers have access to the best platform, managed 24×7 by top cybersecurity experts.”

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