Werner Vogels and AWS Product Team Are Copycats


Well, what do you know. Werner Vogels and The AWS Product Team are copy cats. The Lambda@Edge that was just announced today sounds very similar to a concept called EC-CDN that we’ve been writing about for the last several weeks. So, Werner and Team, don’t try to take credit for this awesome idea. In a nutshell, the concept behind EC-CDN is to push computational functionality to the edge, so processing and delivery can be done at the PoP level. However, the one problem with the Lamda@Edge solution, and this is my neutral personal opinion here, is that CloudFront is a weak link in the AWS portfolio. And there’s no need for me to bash it in-depth since everyone knows it in the industry. Therefore, if CloudFront¬† is weak, what does that say about Lambda@Edge – the value prop kind of breaks down. On the bright side, we feel honored since copying is the sincerest form of flattery.

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