Cool Startup: BitsNGo


There’s a new startup in the CDN ecosystem called BitsNGo. Founded in 2015, the 12-employee company offers a global, Tier-1-backed CDN, combined with a competitive pricing scheme tailored to the burgeoning small and medium-sized business (SMB) segment, developers, and other businesses. Its SaaS pricing model allows customers to pay flat rates on whatever they use without prior commitments, which lets it to undercut competitors by up to 60%.

BitsNGo is a global CDN built on Tier-1 infrastructure with a platform that connects to more than 90% of the world’s networks, enabling direct and efficient connections to end users’ ISPs and networks. Its CDN architecture offers automated onboarding and is simple to integrate, making it relatively easy for SMBs, that seek to deliver everything from videos to mobile apps, to start using their Tier-1 services. According to BitsNGo, its network capacity can support live video streams to tens of millions of concurrent viewers, and deliver billions of content pieces per hour.

Its CDN offering comes with a management and analytics dashboard that’s compatible with PC and mobile. The dashboard enables redundancy and always-on, and allows clients to manipulate the grouping and granularity of data reports. In addition to the dashboard, the CDN package comes with DNS management and cloud storage services. Beyond its CDN offerings, BitsNGo also provides DDoS mitigation, as well as video encoding and management services.

“We, at BitsNGo, set a goal to build a CDN service that would give SMBs and developers a fair chance to compete with top enterprises, by giving them the quality delivery that they need in order to provide an exceptional user experience without the costs and brigades of IT professionals that usually come with it, leveling the playing field, at least in the CDN arena”, says Alon Tzipory, BitsNGo CEO.

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