Cool Startup: Unbotify


Unbotify, a security startup focused on bot detection and mitigation, is the latest company to join the super-hot security segment. Yaron Oliker and Alon Dayan founded Unbotify in 2015, and it is one of the very few pure-play bot mitigation companies that focus on thwarting the most advanced bot threats via behavioral biometrics and machine learning technologies.

Their platform gathers data in the areas of mouse movements, scrolling activity, touch device interactions, and device orientation to extract dozens of behavioral biometric data points. Collecting these parameters helps them construct a visitor’s fingerprint. The fingerprint is then analyzed by its machine-learning system, flagging and blocking bots in real time, ensuring that even the most sophisticated bots are discovered faster and rendered useless.

Malicious bots are largely responsible for web scraping, online fraud, web application security breaches, content spam, ad-fraud, and Layer 7 DDoS attacks, and they cost billions of dollars per year in business losses. Bots tend to be difficult to distinguish from human users, and prove time-consuming to remove manually. Not even Web Application Firewalls or Intrusion Detection Systems are designed to handle the volume and sophistication of modern malicious bots. Thus, bot detection and mitigation is now a must. Unbotify’s solution is currently deployed by some of the largest online companies.

Company Background

  • Company: Unbotify
  • Started: 2015
  • HQ: Israel
  • VC Raised: $1.5M Seed in October 2015 from Maverick Ventures
  • Executives: Yaron Oliker (CEO) and Alon Dayan (CTO)
  • Employee Count: 8
  • Product: Bot Mitigation and Detection Platform
  • Customers: S&P 500 Companies

Feature Set

  • Behavioral Biometrics Analysis
  • Bot detection
  • Anti scraping
  • Log in page protection
  • Ad fraud mitigation
  • Cleaning bot traffic from analytics
  • Application layer protection against DDoS attacks
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