2017 Prediction; Akamai Bot Manager To Become $100M Business in 2017


In 2017, we predict the Akamai Bot Manager will become a $100M per year business, catapulting Akamai to the #1 position in bot mitigation services worldwide, based on revenue. The bot mitigation business is very profitable, with monthly sales averaging in the thousands of dollars per customer. Although the Akamai Bot Manager is currently a bare-bones service, Akamai will most likely acquire a pure-play bot mitigation startup and client-side malware startup in Q1 2017, which will help to expand functionality in the areas of machine learning, behavioral biometrics, and client-side malware detection/protection. With the right acquisitions and vision, Akamai’s security business “can” become a $1B per year (annual run-rate) business with high margins by the end of Q4-2017.

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