Happy New Year


Happy New Year to all my friends around the world. And special thanks to my paying subscribers. It is because of you that I can do this full time and enjoy it immensely. For a long time I always wondered what was wrong with me because I couldn’t hold down a job for more than a few years. I started selling bare-metal hardware in 1995. Thereafter, I went on to sell Oracle, Sun, Cisco, telecom, hosting, ERP and finally CDN. More than a dozen jobs in 20 years selling the entire infrastructure stack. But now I look back and I’m grateful for the experiences, as it has enabled to become what I am today. So regardless of how difficult life may be at the moment, just know it’s for a greater purpose. 

Hold onto your seats – in 2017 we promise our subscribers to publish more innovative research on edge compute and edge security business models than anyone in the world. Over the last month, I’ve been studying Redis, Memcached, Docker Containers, Apache Spark, AWS, Cloud Compute, Microservices, Fog Compute, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks. I’m going to take what I learned and predict how these technologies will impact our industry. It’s both exciting and scary as to whats going to happen in 2017. All I can say is the general purpose AI is going to change everything.

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