Prediction: Akamai will Acquire a Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Security Startup in 60 Days


Today, four very important things are happening/happened in our industry: 1) Akamai’s market cap is $12B 2) Akamai has $1.7B in cash as of Q3-2016 3) Information security spending reached $81.6B in 2016 and 4) Startups like Deep Instinct are disrupting legacy business models in the security market. When you put this all together, what do you get? Akamai will acquire a ML / AI security startup like Deep Instinct in 60 days for the simple reason that the DDoS + Bot + WAF services are becoming the anti-virus of the Edge Security industry. No business model in the security industry is safe, not Symantec, not Palo Alto Networks, no one. That means there is $82B worth of opportunities up for grabs. Akamai and all other Edge Security companies have a long way to go in building out their security feature sets. Luckily for Akamai, they have $1.7B in cash to make it happen.

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