Verizon to Offer Bot Mitigation Services through Distil Networks


Verizon Digital Media Services and Distil Networks announced today a partnership between their companies that will deliver bot mitigation services across Verizon’s Edgecast CDN. This partnership will expand on Verizon’s current security offerings, which offer WAF, anti-DDoS, DNS protection, TLS encryption, and managed security services.

Distil Networks uses advanced fingerprinting techniques to distinguish malicious bots from legitimate users with a high rate of accuracy. Their Hi-Def fingerprinting technique analyzes over 200 attributes from each client request to reduce the likelihood of false positives that comes from basic fingerprinting techniques. Additionally, Distil’s Hi-Def fingerprints resist tampering and stick to bots even if they attempt to reconnect through random IP addresses or anonymous proxies. Through Hi-Def fingerprinting and monitoring page requests, Distil alerts users to threats in real time and provides customers with options on how to respond, either by recording traffic to Distil or internal server logs, or serving a hardened CAPTCHA, or dropping them entirely through an access denied page.

Other bot protections Verizon will offer through Distil include access to their Known Violators Database, which is compiled from all malicious users detected through Distil-protected sites as well as real-time threat intelligence lists, API security that monitors usage to shield against hijacking and scraping, and behavioral modeling and machine learning techniques that identify abnormalities in users as measured against a site’s specific traffic patterns.

“We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best-in-class security tools that are easy to deploy, maintain and scale,” Ralf Jacob, president for Verizon Digital Media Services, remarked. “With Distil’s accurate and proactive approach to protecting against sophisticated malicious bots, we are pleased to expand our security offerings to thwart web bot attacks.”

In partnering with Distil on bot mitigation, Verizon’s enterprise CDN security will gain protection against automated threats including web scraping, application denial of service, account takeover, transaction fraud, and digital ad fraud. The service will be available immediately to all current Verizon Digital Media Services customers.

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