StackPath Jolts Industry by Acquiring Highwinds


Highwinds is no more. StackPath has just acquired Highwinds for an undisclosed amount. This was a brilliant move on Lance Crosby’s (CEO) part. StackPath has many things going for it – including a top notch caching platform, security suite, engineering team and sales team. The only thing missing was revenue. Highwinds fills the revenue gap nicely. According to rumors, Highwinds is generating $100M – $150M in annual revenue, with CDN services comprising more than 50%. And, Highwinds is known for having large customers like Akamai, Microsoft and Valve. When Highwinds acquired BandCon, they got into the business of selling transit and colo. StackPath joins the Tier 2 group of Level 3, Limelight Networks and Verizon EdgeCast in the annual revenue category.

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