NSS Labs vs CrowdStrike


It’s deja vu all over again. Almost one year ago, NSS Labs got into an ugly shouting match with FireEye after it published a security vendor comparison report giving FireEye a bottom of the barrel rating. In return, FireEye called the NSS Labs report rubbish and claimed “we declined to participate in this test” to which NSS Labs responded “Untrue. FireEye was a willing participant. It was a fully functional product installed and configured by FireEye engineers.” Winner in that match was NSS Labs (NSS=1 and FireEye=0).  Well, some of us don’t learn from history.

This time around another FireEye like company called CrowdStrike was upset about NSS Labs intent on publishing its vendor security report during RSA, which took place last week. CrowdStrike was so upset it filed a lawsuit in order to try and stop NSS Labs from announcing the details of the report at RSA, stating that the NSS Labs test was done in a “poor fashion” and a “negative report shouted from the stage at RSA Conference would damage the firms reputation.” (NSS=1 and CrowdStrike=o). So there you have it, NSS Labs is 2 and O against the next-gen ATP companies. Lets just keep our fingers crossed that history doesn’t repeat itself again next year, where we have a next-gen APT company crying foul at NSS Labs vendor report.

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