Akamai Ion Introduces Machine Learning Optimizations and Mobile SDK


Today, Akamai released a new version of their web performance solution, Akamai Ion, which is geared toward providing a better mobile experience through the addition of their Mobile App Performance SDK and the use of machine learning to provide better optimization across end user devices.

Despite Akamai’s longstanding success as a CDN, their lock on the mobile sector has been somewhat more tenuous. However, the newest release of Akamai Ion attempts to address the challenges of mobile content delivery with two new additions to their solution: Automated Performance Optimization and Cellular Optimization. Automated Performance Optimization leverages machine learning to detect characteristics of mobile devices so it can automatically optimize images and determine the best time to push content and pre-connect to third-party resources. Cellular Optimization uses protocol optimizations such as real-time IPv4/6 adaptation and the Cha-Cha Poly cipher for secure connectivity on older mobile devices.

“We believe this release of Ion marks the beginning of a new kind of powerful performance optimization – one that is powered by applying machine learning to real user data. Ion customers will be able to quickly and easily take advantage of these capabilities to address the demands of mobile users,” said Ash Kulkarni, senior vice president and general manager of Akamai’s Web Performance Business Unit.

The latest version of Akamai Ion also introduces a mobile SDK that will allow developers to pre-position content to ensure consistency in the face of uncertain network conditions and lost connections. The SDK also includes SureRoute for Cellular, which reduces latency over the last mobile mile, and allows for custom metrics to adapt mobile experiences to user engagement. “With more and more businesses adopting mobile apps to achieve greater audience engagement, Akamai’s new Mobile App Performance SDK is designed to help developers and app owners provide instant mobile app experiences that adapt in real-time to network conditions,” Kulkarni remarked.

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