LiveQoS Continues with Its Innovation


About two years ago, we first introduced our readers to LiveQoS, the Ottawa-based startup that is a pioneer in mobile optimization. In the time since, they’ve been busy developing their featureset and are now ready to go to market with their new product, the file transfer service

LiveQoS specializes in network optimization technology and high performance file transfer for high-bandwidth applications like video chat and streaming over the wired LAN, WiFi, 3G/4G networks, and public Internet. When we last spoke with them, their focus was providing high-performance video transfer services (UDP, TCP) across mobile devices. Their solution utilized two pieces for UDP file transfer (now LiveUDP): an SDK which mobile developers could integrate into their app, and a server instance that would run on a cloud service like AWS and communicate with the SDK.

LiveQoS also provides TCP file transfer service that improved existing capabilities for FTP file sharing. Essentially, SuperTCP (now LiveTCP) uses a more aggressive TCP algorithm and optimizes on top of that. Although LiveTCP is marketed to LiveQoS’s bigger clients, such as HP, to embed on various projects and technologies, is more of a web application geared toward smaller clients, such as video post-production companies, who need to transfer large, high-quality files on a deadline, and do not necessarily want to install software or configure networks as part of the process.

We’ll be hearing more about, LiveQoS, and their SDQoE platform ASTRO, in an upcoming interview that will feature a deep dive into the company’s tech.

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