ZENEDGE Expands Global Network Footprint


The fast growing ZENEDGE is increasing network capacity by 10x due to strong customer growth. In addition, they are expanding the PoP count across North America, Europe and APAC. The solution set of DDoS Mitigation, Bot Mitigation and WAF running over a global content delivery network is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry.

ZENEDGE is currently protecting 800,000 web applications and networks. What makes this even more impressive is that ZENEDGE started in 2014, thus they are experiencing phenomenal growth. The growth of network capacity is a strong indicator of customer growth, which means Zenedge is growing the customer count at a solid double digit growth rate. Yuri Frayman stated that “ZENEDGE is pleased to respond to strong customer demand with a worldwide network expansion as we continue to grow our install base faster than the average market growth.”

Regardless of the growth, the ZENEDGE team is extremely focused on disrupting the enterprise security market dominated by the likes of Palo Alto Networks, Cisco and IBM. In order to accomplish this big challenge, ZENEDGE is incorporating machine learning into everything it does. And by machine learning, we don’t mean one algorithm, but many supervised learning algorithms that are able to ingest a vast amount of structured and unstructured data, which then allows their platform to detect patterns in the training data, so it can make predictions at a high level, stopping threats in their tracks. Machine learning is the future of security.

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