Limelight Rolls Out Security Alert and WAF Express


This week, Limelight announced the introduction of two new additions to its Cloud Security services: Security Alert, which provides alert notifications, DDoS detection, and configuration to protect sites against large attacks, and WAF Express, a security alert and website protection service targeted toward companies running unprotected sites as a result of budgetary limitations.

Security Alert provides DDoS detection, email alerts, and global anycast addresses to ensure large-scale attacks are distributed across multiple Limelight PoPs. WAF Express extends the protection of Security Alert with additional security features including per-IP-address rate limiting, CAPTCHA support against bad bots, access control based on IP or geographic location, and basic OWASP 10 rules.

Both Security Alert and WAF Express provide scaled-back versions of its other cloud security services, DDoS Attack and WAF Complete, as cost-effective solutions for companies unable to afford comprehensive security services. In comparison to Security Alert, DDoS Attack Interceptor offers protection against Layer 7 and zero-day attacks, comprehensive analytics, 24/7 support, and flexible deployment, whereas WAF Complete is a fully managed service that mitigates Layer 7 DDoS attacks, provides advanced bot detection, and allows for additional access control options and custom WAF rules. Whereas Limelight is expressly marketing WAF Express as a lower-cost option for unprotected websites, they are also providing Security Alert free of charge to all Limelight customers for the duration of their contracts.

According to Steve Miller-Jones, Limelight’s Senior Director of Product Management, “Protecting websites and applications from online attacks and cyber threats are two of the most pressing security challenges today, yet many companies don’t have security protection in place. Security Alert and WAF Express extend our Cloud Security Services portfolio and provide affordable, incremental and scalable protection measures for customers.”

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