Verizon Integrates Dolby Audio into Its Digital Media Platform


Today, Dolby Laboratories and Verizon Digital Media Services announced Verizon is integrating encoding and playback of Dolby Audio into its digital media platform. The feature will be available as an add-on for the Uplynk Video Streaming service so that users can access premium sound quality across a variety of Internet-connected devices.   

Verizon’s Uplynx service provides streaming for live, linear, and on-demand video via a single workflow to reduce costs and remove complexities for OTT operations. With Uplynx, OTT providers do not need to purchase any additional hardware for encoding and are charged by the hour for encoding, storing, and streaming content, which is only encoding once per platform to reduce costs.

Integrating with Dolby Audio will provide Uplynx with an enhanced quality of experience for clearer dialogue and improved detail, providing cinematic sound for television, film, and digital content streamed online. Dolby Audio integration supports stereo and multichannel audio for surround sound and is compatible with Roku4, Playstation, Xbox, Windows 10, and devices using Apple iOS, tvOS and MacOS.

“The expectation for high quality audio and video doesn’t go away when content is streamed from the Internet rather than delivered by a cable set top box or played from a Blu-ray player,” remarked Ted Middleton, chief product officer for Verizon Digital Media. “With the integration of Dolby Audio support into our digital media platform, we are ensuring that our customers — leading media and entertainment content creators and distributors — can provide their viewers with the ultimate home entertainment experience.”

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